Urban Ed Academy (Saturday Academy)

GRADES 3rd, 4th, 5th ONLY
At Urban Ed Academy, students and their families will benefit from a weekly cutting edge Saturday academic curriculum and comprehensive summer program designed for adolescent boys ages 8-11. Whether struggling emotionally, behaviorally, or academically, our highly structured, intimate environment provides for concentrated, individualized attention in working with each student and their family as a whole.
• Academic Advancement
• Character Development
• Stewardship
• Career Awareness
• Athletic Engagement
• Language Adaptation
• Cultural Awareness
• Community Service 

Saturday School (Grades 3rd, 4th, 5th)
Our core program for student support is through weekly Saturday School programs that work with 500 Black and brown boys from San Francisco neighborhoods. Starting in June 2013, UrbanEdAcademy will run an ALL boys Saturday Academy that enhances the education of 500 boys in grades 3 to 5 to address the achievement gap.

Academic Enrichment (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Starting in 2013, UrbanEdAcademy will run an ALL boys Summer Program and during the regular school year a Saturday Academy. We will provide the opportunity for 500 boys, from the all neighborhoods, to learn the necessary skills for both academic and personal growth.

Family Support Program
By engaging community partners, we connect our students and their families to a social safety network of positive resources to ensure that whatever challenges a family faces, they can access the necessary community resources. Urban Ed Academy partners with local service oriented private and public establishments to provide participants with referrals and resources that fit the needs of families and the communities served. 
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We also intend to begin conversations with key leaders in the San Francisco education system to advocate on behalf of our students. Whether speaking directly to teachers about the advancement of individual program participants, commenting on upcoming district policies, or engaging parents to organize for better resources and results for their children at school, working with the San Francisco school district and other policy makers is a necessary component in helping our students succeed over the course of their education.
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Urban Ed Academy is a fiscally sponsored program of the Bayview-Hunters Point YMCA.
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